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                             DOOR.SYS FORMAT'S


DOORWAY recognizes 2 DOOR.SYS formats.  It will determine which you are using
if you enter SYS on the command line after DOORWAY.  The first is common to
DOORWAY, the second to several BOARD packages, such as GAP.

Many users of other than PCBoard have asked that doorway use a simpler
and more consistant ASCII file for door support than PCBOARD.SYS.  Starting
with version 1.43, DOORWAY will also recognize a file by the name of DOOR.SYS.
I have tried to make this file as generic as possible, so others can use the
same format.  I am giving the format to Public Domain, so it may be used
without fear.  The following shows the file format.  A program reading the
format must be able to accept a file with additional lines, for future
expansion.  Each line is ASCII and followed by a carriage return/line feed.

USER NAME         *     This line contains the user's first and last name
PORT NUMBER       *     This line contains either a 1, 2 or 0 for local
BAUD RATE               This line contains the baud rate the port needs to be
                            opened at.
TIME              *     This line contains an integer less than 32767 in mins.
GRAPHICS          *     This line contains a "G" for graphics, "M" for mono.
ALARM             *     This line contains an "A" for ALARM, "S" for silent.

 * DOORWAY will actually use this entry.  DOORWAY will only use the first name
     of the caller and will parse it from the full name.



Added support for the "GENERIC" DOOR.SYS file which follows.  Note
that it still supports the "special" DOORWAY DOOR.SYS file as well.  Simply
put "SYS" where you would put "COM1" and it will read the DOOR.SYS file. It
will figure out which it is by looking at it.

The "GENERIC" DOORS.SYS file format follows.  DOORWAY only uses lines 1, 9
10, 19 and 20.

********************* GENERIC DOOR.SYS file format *************************

	 03/14/88 - Submitted by the "Limited Release Software Group"

Updated: 03/21/88
Updated: 10/22/88  KG


Sample DOOR.SYS file to be used as a STANDARD for ALL Bulletin Board Systems.


  This file format has been laid out and will be presented to ALL BBS authors
in an attempt to establish a national standard for door program applications.

BBS AUTHORS: I urge you to consider this STANDARD with respect for your 3rd
	     party support authors. Come on guys, make life EASY for us.
								(BIG GRIN)


  I have tried to include EVERYTHING a 3rd party DOOR author would need to
provide the SYSOPS with the look and feel they want from an online program
while at the same time keeping things plain and simple to ease the problems
of interfacing programs with a system. This type of format is intended to be
a "read-only" type of file (although it could be written again) because most
BBS's have some sort of other file they use for re-entering the system with
(PCBoard uses PCBOARD.SYS, GAP uses GAPDOS.DAT, Ect.) which is harder to read
in, and changes frequently. This file format, once established, wouldn't need
to be changed EVERYTIME a new version of the BBS software gets released and
this would also ease the demand for more info being made available in the BBS
Re-Entry file thus making life easier for both parties. If there is something
found in the following format that your BBS software may not be currently
supporting, a DEFAULT value has been suggested.

COM1:             <-- Comm Port - COM0: = LOCAL MODE
2400              <-- Baud Rate - 300 to 38400
8                 <-- Parity - 7 or 8
1                 <-- Node Number - 1 to 99                    (Default to 1)
19200             <-- DTE Rate. Actual BPS rate to use.
Y                 <-- Screen Display - Y=On  N=Off             (Default to Y)
Y                 <-- Printer Toggle - Y=On  N=Off             (Default to Y)
Y                 <-- Page Bell      - Y=On  N=Off             (Default to Y)
Y                 <-- Caller Alarm   - Y=On  N=Off             (Default to Y)
Rick Greer        <-- User Full Name
Lewisville, Tx.   <-- Calling From
214 221-7814      <-- Home Phone
214 221-7814      <-- Work/Data Phone
PASSWORD          <-- Password
110               <-- Security Level
1456              <-- Total Times On
03/14/88          <-- Last Date Called
7560              <-- Seconds Remaining THIS call (for those that particular)
126               <-- Minutes Remaining THIS call
GR                <-- Graphics Mode - GR=Graph, NG=Non-Graph, 7E=7,E Caller
23                <-- Page Length
Y                 <-- User Mode - Y = Expert, N = Novice
1,2,3,4,5,6,7     <-- Conferences/Forums Registered In  (ABCDEFG)
7                 <-- Conference Exited To DOOR From    (G)
01/01/99          <-- User Expiration Date
1                 <-- User File's Record Number
Y                 <-- Default Protocol - X, C, Y, G, I, N, Etc.
0                 <-- Total Uploads
0                 <-- Total Downloads
0                 <-- Daily Download "K" Total
999999            <-- Daily Download Max. "K" Limit

  *****  Each line being STRAIGHT ASCII TEXT with a CR at the end.  *****

  Please feel free to express any comments you may have on this format, or
leave suggestions you have for additions to the file to.....

     Rick Greer - SysOp of The Micromart BBS - (214) 221-7814 - 24hrs.


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