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              fsxNet - [F]un, [S]imple, e[X]perimental Network
                      ==== History of fsxNet ====
  fsxNet is a fun, simple and experimental network established in late 2015
  This document contains a full rolling log of changes made to fsxNet.
  It is saved as history.txt and ships as part of the weekly infopack hatched
  out to all fsxNet nodes. If you spot anything amiss please contact
  Paul Hayton at 21:1/101 or email at avon@bbs.geek.nz :)
  == ChangeLog ================================================================
  Updated Node 1/125 Name change - now Caludron BBS :)
  Added Node 2/117 - The Positronium Repository (USA) is the home of 
                  Wildcat Dialup and Mystic Telnet and is run by sysop
                  Ben Ritchey. Ben is based in Lafayette, Louisiana USA and
                  is running his systems using Windows OS. You can connect
                  to Positronium Repository via cmech.dynip.com
  Removed Node 2/107 Lostfiles Ideas BBS is no more. James advises his Rpi has
                  bit the dust and he has asked to be removed fom the
  Update Node 1/126  Twinkle BBS (USA) has been marked 'Down' for now in the
                  nodelist. As you may have read Pequito is taking some time
                  out and has closed his system for now. We hope to see him
                  return again sooner than later if life circumstances 
                  permits. Take care of yourself Pequito!
  Added Node 2/116 - Spooky Electric BBS (ITA). We're up to three nodes now 
                  based in Italy and it's welcome to Alec Scandy aka Osman
                  who hails from Lecce and is setting up his Mystic BBS
                  powered by Raspbian. It's early days for Osman but he's
                  learning a lot and having fun with the setup of his
                  system. You can reach him via spookyelectric.duckdns.org
  Created FSX_BBS -  BBS software development and support. This echoarea also 
                  hosts fsxNet Wiki (wiki.bbs.geek.nz) discussions and
                  With the creation of the fsxNet Wiki it seems appropriate
                  to have a public space to discuss ideas for possible new 
                  Wiki content, edits to current content, editor requests, 
                  questions about what is on the Wiki etc. My hope is that
                  as the content on the Wiki grows, this echo area will
                  support that growth as a place for discussions about it.
                  A reminder that there was an orignal FSX_BBS created
                  as a file echo. It was changed to FSX_SOFT on 2016-09-10 
                  as part of a renaming convention to decern between message
                  base echoarea tags and file base tags file area tags are
                  always four characters long where as message tags are
                  three. e.g. FSX_BBS vs FSX_SOFT
                  Who said you didn't learn anything when you read these
                  updates :) .. and no lamas were harmed in the making of
                  this documentary.
  Added Node 2/115 - Mystic Rhythms BBS (USA) From the home of SF Net in the
                  1990's and the Golden Gate Bridge I'd like welcome
                  Rob Cole aka Rushfan to the network. Rob is a talented
                  chap who's been hard at work at extending WWIV for some
                  time now. Mystic Rhythms is powered by WWIV and can be
                  found at mystic.wwivbbs.org - welcome Rushfan :)
  Added Node 2/113 - PHATstar RetroBOX BBS (CAN) Welcome to new sysop Matthew
                  Smith aka WarmFuzzy who is based in Ontario, Canada.
                  WarmFuzzy is using a Mystic BBS. He's only running SSH
                  via TOR and I think it's a closed system.
                  His address is echo.phatstar.org and the website is
                  This was the first application for fsxNet that I have 
                  received via a Usenet Newsgroup (alt.bbs)
  Added Node 2/114  - SciFi Hangout BBS (GBR) Welcome to Bruno Antunes aka
                      Sardaukar who is discovering BBS for the first time and
                      playing with Mystic BBS to do so. Sardaukar is a coder
                      interested in fido technology networks and keen to learning
                      more about such things. His BBS is just getting set up
                      the system address is rift.duckdns.org:2023 and it's
                      running on a RPi.
  Updated Node 1/151 - Solar BBS (USA) has been marked 'Down' in the nodelist 
                      and is offline for now. SolarBaby advises this is 
                      intended to be a temporary thing.
  Created fsxNet Wiki The goal of the fsxNet Wiki is to support the development
                      of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). It does so by hosting
                      useful resources and information for both BBS developers
                      and users alike.
                      It's hoped the Wiki will become a useful resource for
                      all people interested in the BBS scene, and offer helpful
                      information and links that will assist them with any
                      questions they might have.                      
                      The Wiki can be found at wiki.bbs.geek.nz                    
  Removed Node 2/102 - Phoenyx Rising BBS (USA) - Allen has had problems with
                      his system. We'll allocate a new node number for him if
                      he sorts things and out returns to the network.
  Added Node 2/102 - Cartel BBS (USA) from the home of gigabit speed broadband
                  it's welcome to Wes Keene who's based in Chattanooga, TN,
                  USA. Wes aka Distorted is setting up a Mystic system 
                  running on Linux (Ubuntu 64-bit) You can catch his BBSing
                  via telnet at cartelbbs.keene.co
  Added Node 1/188 - Exotica BBS (AUS) Apam has set up an Enigma 1/2 BBS 
                  he's testing stuff with Nu and requested a full node number
                  it's available on andrew.homeunix.org:2023
  Added Node 2/112 - The Hub BBS (USA) Joining fsxNet and based in Watauga, TX 
                  USA it's a warm welcome to David DeWell aka Modchaos.
                  Modchaos is also running Mystic BBS under AMI Linux
                  as his OS of choice. Stop by and say hello at his new
                  system - bbs.bbshub.net
  Added Node 2/111 - Leisure Time BBS (USA) Welcome to Robert Riddell who
                  joins fsxNet based in New Baden, IL, USA. Robert is
                  running a Mystic BBS system powered by Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
                  and can be reached via bbs.riddells.net:10023
  Added Node 2/110 - iNK tWO BBS (USA) Welcome to Lawrence Manuel aka Smooth
                  who joins us from Covina, CA, USA. Ink Two BBS is running
                  Mystic BBS on a Windows 10 32bit system. You'll find 
                  the BBS online at bbs.inktwo.com or on the web at
  Added Node 2/102 - Phoenyx Rising BBS (USA) Welcome to Allen Snodgrass who
                  joins us from Tallahassee in FL, USA. Allen is running a
                  64 bit Mystic system on Windows 10 x64. Welcome to the 
                  network Allen it's lovely to have you as part of our
                  community :)
  Added Node 2/109  - ENCOM BBS (USA) - welcome to new sysop Ron Lackey aka
                      Flynn. Flynn is based in Hunstville, Alabama USA and is
                      using a windows Mystic system running on VMware hosting
                      Windows 7. Welcome to fsxNet Flynn. Watch out for 
                      Master Control!
  Removed Node 2/102 - Laser BBS (GBR) - Tony has advised he is closing his
                      two BBS down. All the best Tony!
  Removed Node 1/188 - Friends BBS (GBR) 
  Updated Node 1/123 - The Void BBS (USA) was marked as 'Down' but Mitch aka
                      Terra-X is back - yay! So the node is now active
                      again. Welcome back to the BBS scene Terra-X :)
  Updated Node 1/186 - Castle Rock BBS (USA) is now using castlerockbbs.com
                      as it's system address for telnet/binkp connects.
  Added Node 2/108 - UnderZaNet BBS (GBR) A warm welcome to Jan Henkins aka
                  Dotslash. Dotslash is based in Warlingham, England and at
                  one stage used to run a BBS based on Citadel. Dotslash is
                  happy to repurpose an old PRi gathering dust in to a new
                  BBS powered by Mystic and is having fun discovering 
                  BBSing in 2017. Welcome back!
  Added Node 2/107 - Lostfiles Ideas BBS (USA) Welcome to James Fish to fsxNet
                  James is based in Plymouth, MA, USA and is running a 
                  Mystic BBS powered by Debian. His BBS address is
                  lostfilesideas.ddns.net:6400  Great to have you as a 
                  member of the network James :)
  Added Node 2/106 - Back To The Roots BBS (CHE) It's a warm welcome to our
                  first node that's checking in from Geneva, Switzerland.
                  Fabian Lucchi is going back to his BBS roots and setting
                  up a Mystic system running under MacOS. Welcome to the
                  network Fabian! I hope you have a lot of fun with your
                  BBS adventures :) To connect to Fabian's system head to
  Added Node 2/105 - Another F-ing BBS (USA). Welcome to sysop Gary Crunk who
                  hails from Maricopa, Arizona USA. Gary is running a Mystic
                  BBS using Ubuntu MATE on a Raspberry Pi 3. The address to
                  reach his system is anotherbbs.bbsindex.com
  Added Node 2/104 - Gryphus BBS (AUS). Welcome to returning sysop Stephen
                  Arnold. Many years ago he run a BBS using Maximus software
                  called Phoenix. Now he's back after an extended vacation 
                  running Mystic on a Raspberry Pi :)
                  Telnet to gryphus.homelinux.org:5632
  Comment -          These lines contains no useful information at all but I 
                  figured I would just write something 'just because'. Still
                  feeling guttered they killed off Han Solo. My wife says
                  "move on Paul" :) Perhaps this is a way of working through
                  the grief! Ha! 
                  Kids keep saying to me "Dad, what's 9+10?" Then they say 
                  "21" ... and I say, "no it's 19" and they laugh :) I think
                  I will always correct them (insert OCD applause here :))
                  and they know I will always be be an easy target for them
                  when they trott out that maths question - sigh :)                   
  Added Node 2/103 - Resistance Pride BBS (USA). Welcome to returning sysop
                  Kevin Sonney aka The Alchemist who is based in Pittsboro
                  NC, USA. Kevin is setting up a Linux powered Mystic BBSing
                  and is back on the BBSing scene after first being active 
                  in the 1990's. Welcome back Kevin and welcome to fsxNet :)
                  Telent to resistancepride.sytes.net
  ## Happy New Year - Best wishes for 2017 and your BBSing adventures ahead ##
  Created - NET 2 -  The start of a creating new access points for fsxNet
                  traffic. New nodes to the network will be added to NET 2
                  which is now served by a new HUB at 21:2/100
  Created - HUB 2 -  The Tholian HUB has been established at 21:2/100.
                  This new HUB will serve nodes in NET 2. Big thanks to 
                  Solaris at Error 404 for establishing this new Mystic
                  powered system :)  The HUB can be found at
  Updated - fsxNet Nodelist 
  I've made some changes to the nodelist that reflect the addition of the new
  NET and HUB. Instead of creating new 'Regions' I have opted to stick with one
  for now (Region 21 - was Region 1).
  I have also revised things and now assigned 'Host' notation to the what are
  now NET 1 and 2. They fly the 21:1/0 and 21:2/0 AKA's held by each net
  coordinator. HUB addresseing remains as 21:xx/100 and HUBs send/recieve 
  all traffic with CRASH priority between them as echomail etc. is generated
  around fsxNet. So HUBs fly at /0 and /100 AKA's for their respective NETs.
  Also changed is the flag notation used against each node in the nodelist.
  I have tried to ensure flags used are current and comply with the Fidonet
  Technical Standards Committee document FTSC-5001. Copies of this document
  are available from http://www.ftsc.org/docs/ if you are interested :)
  Further, the epiloge in the nodelist has been paired right back to remove the
  unwanted and/or non-relevant nodelist flags. A brief nod to the URL mentioned
  above remains for interested sysops etc. if they want more info.
  Updated - HISTORY.TXT - notation tweaks.
  I am working to keep this document as easy to read as I can and due to the
  new NET (and more to come) I have made minor changes to layout and notation
  of this file and will do so in the future. You'll see this in new nodes
  being added, removed etc.
  Added Node 2/102 - Laser BBS (UK). Tony Comandini has established a second
                  system. This one is runing BBBS under Debian 8. The address
                  is bbs.laserbbs.co.uk:2424
  Added Node 2/101 - Ohm BBS (USA). Jon Justvig has opted to set up a Mystic
                  BBS using Linux on a Virtual Box. His system is the first
                  to use the new 2/100 HUB. Jon is operating his new system
                  using the same domain name but on Telnet port 2324.
  Added - Node 196 - Dragon's Lair BBS (AUS) This is a Mystic BBS powered
                  system also run by Stephen. The BBS is based in 
                  Ballarat, Victoria. Dragon's Lair runs on Linux Centos
                  6.x  Welcome to fsxNet Stephen it's great to have you as
                  a member.
  Added - Node 195 - Dragon's Claw HUB (AUS) Greetings to Stephen Walsh 
                  who joins fsxNet running a couple of systems. Node 195
                  is a HUB system he operates out of Melbourne, Victoria.
                  running MBSE it in turn feeds node 196 - his BBS.                 
  Added - Node 194 - Johnny Five BBS (NZL). It's really nice to see another
                  New Zealand based BBS appear on the scene. Hello to 
                  sysop Jonathan Mundy who is based in Auckland and is 
                  running a Mystic system under windows.
                  His telnet address is catsbbs.hopto.org:2323 or you can
                  head to http://catsbbs.yolasite.com/ Welcome Jonathan :)
  Added - Node 193 - Lunatic Fringe BBS (USA). Welcome to Chad Sharp aka
                  Dribble. Dribble is based in Vancouver, Wa, USA and is
                  running a Mystic BBS system under Windows 7 32bit.
                  Check out his system by visiting fringe.darktech.org
                  Welcome aboard Dribble!
  Updated - Node 140 - Daves BBS (USA) is now using davesbbs.com as his telnet
  Added - Node 140 - Daves BBS (USA). From Marbury, Alabama, USA we welcome 
                  returning sysop Dave Smith - Hi Dave :) Dave is setting up
                  a Raspberry Pi powered Mystic BBS and enjoying learning
                  about the joys of retro computing meets 2016 tech :)
                  His system can be reached at bbs.bamageekproductions.com
  Updated - Node 190 - Amoeba BBS has moved to telnet port 24 the revised
                      address is amoeba.ohbah.com:24                   
  Added - Node 138 - Electronic Warefare BBS (USA). It's a warm welcome to 
                  Nicholas Loch aka Fat Rastus who joins us from Vincennes,
                  IN, USA. Fat Rastus is running a Synchronet based system 
                  and is an avid (can I say that? :)) door game player.
                  Check out the BBS at bbs.ewbbs.net or visit the website
                  at http://ewbbs.net - Welcome to fsxNet Nicholas :)
  Updated - Node 149 - Redmud Castle BBS (USA) is now running on Telnet port
  Removed - Node 5 - Opted to delist this system as it will only ever talk with
                  /10 and does not need it's own node listing.
  Updated - Node 10 - Now referred to as the Usenet Gateway. Allows fsxNet
                      nodes that want access to a bi-directional FTN<>NNTP
                      gateway for offering Usenet newsgroups on their BBS.
                      I know it's word semantics but I think it's better to
                      get the naming correct for the future. I want to avoid
                      confusion when using words like HUBs etc.
  Added - Node 10  - fsxNet Usenet HUB has been established to service fsxNet
                  nodes that wish to access a bi-directional FTN<>NNTP
                  gateway for offering Usenet newsgroups. It's prede
  Added - Node 5   - fsxNet Usenet Gateway. This is a private node with a sole
                  function of handling FTN<>NNTP between news.bbs.geek.nz
                  and 21:1/10                    
  Removed - Node 140 Underland BBS (AUS) Apam has ceased using this system
                  and is opting to focus his efforts on his MagickaBBS
                  system at 21:1/125
  Removed - Region 2 - Usenet
  Removed - Node 100 - Usenet HUB
  Removed - Node 101 - Agency BBS
  I was experimenting with using region 2 as a means to distribute Usenet
  newsgroups to nodes that want a bi-directional FTN<>NNTP gateway.
  Using 21:2/xxx addresses have now been retired in favour of using 
  21:1/xxx addresses. It makes it easier for all at present to run things
  this way.
  Added - Node 192 - A 90's Manila BBS (SGP) Welcome to sysop Michael Balcos
                  who joins us from Singapore! He's actually planning on
                  moving to Metro Manila, the Philippines next year and is
                  setting up a Mystic BBS running under Debian
                  8.0 Jessie for ARM (He's using an OLinuXino A10 Lime).
                  Welcome Michael - it's great to have you with us :) 
  Added - Node 191 - Slasho.me BBS (USA) Welcome to Christopher Hall from
                  Pikeville, KY, USA. He's running a Mystic system under
                  Linux and is getting set up as I type. The telnet
                  address for Slasho.me BBS is simply slasho.me  :)
  Added - Node 190 - Amoeba BBS (USA) it's a warm welcome to sysop Mike Dee
                  who hails from Phoneix, AZ, USA. Mike is new to BBSing
                  but is enjoying learning about our cool hobby and is in
                  the process of getting setup. He's running a Mystic BBS
                  under Windows XP. Head to amoeba.ohbah.com to say hi :)
  Added - Node 111 - The ByteXchange BBS (USA). Sysop Chad Adams has setup
                  a Synchronet BBS running under Windows XP and node /111
                  has been reassigned to this system. The telnet address is
                  bbs.thebytexchange.com while you can check out the
                  web interface by heading to www.thebytexchange.com:81
  Added - Node 189 - KernelError Networks BBS (USA) Welcome to Josepth Werle
                  who joins us from Belleville, IL, USA. Joseph is running
                  a Mystic BBS under Linux Centos 7.2 and is in the 
                  process of getting set up. His telnet address is
  Updated - Node 125 - Changed BBS name to Serpent's Shrine BBS at the request
                  of Apam :)                  
  Added - Node 188 - Friends BBS (UK). Hello to Tony Comandini who is our
                  second system based in London, England. He's setting up 
                  with a Linux powered Mystic BBS system running under 
                  Debian 8. Great to have you as part of fsxNet Tony :)
  Updated - Node 122 - Necronomicon BBS has a new telnet address and port
                      nbbs.darktech.org:27 - the nodelist has been updated
                      along with the SYSTEMS.TXT file.
  Updated - Node 125 - Voodoo_BBS has a new telnet address and port
                      andrew.homeunix.org:2024 also the BinkP mailer
                      for this BBS is on port 24556 - the nodelist has been
                      updated along with the SYSTEMS.TXT file.     
  Added - Node 187 - Cosmik Debris BBS (USA) Joining fsxNet from Little Falls
                  NY, USA we're welcoming Andrew Pepper :) Andrew is a 
                  returning sysop from the early 90's (like a lot of us!)
                  and has fired up his Rasperry Pi with a Mystic BBS
                  You can find his system via at cosmikdebris.ddns.net:2323
  Updated - FSXNET.TXT now contains a new section in the application form for
  new members to provide their static ipv4 and/or ipv6 addresses (if they
  have one) when signing up. This will allow their nodes to be whitelisted
  at the fsxNet HUB and avoid any auto-banning that can take place from time
  to time as frequent polling (4-5 times in 120 secs) of the HUB may cause.
  Added - Node 186 - Castle Rock BBS (USA) Hello to Dan Richter (Black Panther)
                  who is based in Rio Rancho, NM, USA. Dan is running a
                  Synchronet system and reports he's also using a mix of
                  Internet Rex and BinkP daemon in his set-up. You can visit
                  Dan's set up at castlero.synchro.net  Great to have you
                  with us Dan :)
  Added - Node 185 - Lightning BBS (USA) .. Kiora (that's Maori for hello) to 
                  Steve Helferich from Pleasant Grove, UT, USA. Steve is a
                  "a long time Sysop switching to Mystic" and he's run a 
                  number of systems including TriBBS, Wildcat 4, VBBS/VADV
                  and Wildcat 5 in the past. Welcome Steve. You can check
                  his system out at lightningbbs.com:2400
  Added - Node 184 - Echo Base BBS (USA) He's back after three years lost in 
                  the digital wilderness - welcome to Jeff Jun. Jeff is 
                  using a Mystic system running under Windows 7 32 bit
                  and is in the process of getting set up. You can find his
                  system at telnet.echo-base-bbs.com
  Added - Node 183 - Night Owl BBS (USA). Checking in from Capitola, California
                  we welcome to the NET Jon Bennett who is setting up his
                  Mystic system using a Win7 platform. It's a case of 
                  returning to BBS again afer a few years for Jon and we're
                  glad to see him back :) Look for his system at
  Added - Node 182 - The Colossus (USA). Welcome to Jordan McGilvray based in
                  Provo, Utah who is running a Mystic system under Arch 
                  Linux. You can telnet to bbs.excalibursheath.com or check
                  his website at http://www.excalibursheath.com Great to 
                  have you with us Jordan :)
  Added - Node 181 - Ninho do Abutre 2 BBS (BRA) It's a warm welcome to another
                  BBS based in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). Welcome to sysop
                  Mauro Veiga who is running a Synchronet system under a 
                  Windows XP VM system. The address is abutre.no-ip.org:2323
                  or visit the website abutre.no-ip.org:8080
                  Nice to have you with us Mauro!
  Added - Node 180 - Logon BBS (GER) Welcome to Oliver Bachmann who is in the
                  process of setting up his BBS. He's based in Karlsruhe,
                  Germany and is learning about BBS and how to set one up.
                  Look for some posts from him when he gets his system
                  configured. I think the plan is to try setting up Mystic
                  BBS. I've listed him as a private node for now until he
                  has a BinkP server up and running.
  Removed - Node 111 - Mutiny BBS (NZL) Sadly James has had to pull the plug
                  on his BBS for now due to personal reasons. Perhaps 
                  sometime in the future he may return. Goodbye James
                  thanks for being part of the NET. :(
  Added - Node 179 - Cryptogenic Radix BBS (NZL) - This is a Raspberry Pi
                  system Avon is using for Mystic BBS testing. 
  Added - Node 178 - Internal Dimension BBS (CAN). From Ontario, Canada it's a
                  warm welcome to Dave Vandermeer aka Night Stalker. 
                  Dave has set up with a Mystic system running
                  on the ever so popular Raspberry Pi. Great to have you
                  part of the NET Night Stalker :) Nice to see another
                  system setting up in Canada.
  Update - Node 110 - The Rusty Mailbox (CAN) has been marked 'Down' for now
                      in the nodellist. It's been some weeks since we have
                      heard from Al and to be honest I (Avon) worry if he's
                      OK / what has happened? He's also MIA on Othernets too.
  Update - Node 102 - Error 404 BBS (USA) has moved to Telnet port 404
                      (was using port 23)
  Update - Node 161 - The Search BBS (USA) has moved to Telnet port 34123
                      (was using port 23)
  Added - Node 177 - Dali's Cat BBS (USA) Welcome to Ismar Hasanbegovic aka
                  Lobo. Based in Chicago Dali's Cat is running on a 
                  Windows 10 system using Synchronet BBS. You can telnet
                  in via daliscat.synchro.net or check the website at
                  spitoufs.com - welcome Lobo :)
  Added - Node 998 - Reserved for a Raspberry Pi demo system Avon is creating.
  Added - Node 176 - Radio Freqs and Geeks BBS (USA) is the BBS of returning
                  sysop Rich Lawerence aka MobbyG. Welcome back to the
                  BBS scene Rich and great to have you as part of fsxNet :)
                  Rich is setting up using Mystic BBS running under Ubuntu
                  He's based in East Greenbush, NY, USA.
  Update - Node 162 - Razors Domain BBS (USA) updated telnet port to use
                      port 31415
  Update - Node 123 - The Void BBS (USA) is down for a week or so due to 
                      hardware failure. Terra-X will return :)
  Added - Node 175 - Capitol City Online (USA) It's a warm welcome to 
                  another Mike :) This time we're saying Hi to Mike Powell
                  based in Frankfort, KY, USA. Mike is running GT Power
                  as his BBS software of choice. Welcome to fsxNet Mike :)
  Added - Node 174 - The Zone BBS (USA) Welcome to returning sysop Mike
                  Warnock aka Zarnock. Mike is based in Lorain, Ohio
                  and is setting up a Mystic BBS system running under
                  Windows 10 32bit. His system address is zonebbs.net
                  if you want to telnet in. There is currently no website.
                  Welcome back Mike, nice to have you as a member of
                  fsxNet :)
  Added - Node 173 - Added Sinclair Retro BBS (ITA) to the Usenet HUB
                  as 21:2/173 and now feeding a variety of retro computing
                  newsgroups to Outsoft.
  Removed - GOODIP.TXT - I can see how this is going to get out of date quite
                      quickly for systems that are using a dynamic IP address.
                      I think for now I am going to remove the list from the
                      infopack. I think it's a good idea but I need to think 
                      through how to best implement it in a way that ensures 
                      it's current. I just don't have the time to maintain it
  Added - Node 173 -  Sinclair Retro BBS (ITA) Welcome to Simone_Voltolini
                      aka Outsoft to the NET. Great to see another BBS based
                      in Italy joining. Avon is helping to get him set up :)
  Changed - Node 149 - Redmud Castle BBS (USA) Updated Binkp and Telnet ports
                      for this BBS.
  Changed - Node 138 - The Cell Block BBS (CAN) Blair has advised his system is
                      down for now. I have marked him as Down in the nodelist.
  Created - GOODIP.TXT - this is a file that contains a list of known IP
  addresses built from a recent fsxNet nodelist. It was created by sysop
  Brian Wallace (bcw142) of Mystic Pi BBS. This list is subject to change
  as the nodelist is updated etc. Your milage may vary. The list may / may not
  stay in the infopack forever but let's see how we go ;)
  Changed - NEWS.TXT - this is a news file that carrys info about
  changes to fsxNet. It is used by the fsxnet MPL script written by Xqtr.
  The contents of this file are displayed to users who login to a member BBS
  that run the script. The NEWS.TXT file is updated most weeks before the 
  latest fsxNet infopack is hatched out.
  Changed - Node 149 - Changed name of Redmud System BBS to Redmud Castle BBS
                      in the nodelist at the request of the sysop (David)
  Added - Node 172 -  Pattycake Mafia BBS (USA). 20 years ago Petar Smilajkov
                      ran an Elle/Ra VVS but now in 2016 he's back with a 
                      Mystic system running under Ubuntu 14.04 64bit and 
                      having fun. Welcome Petar it's great to have you in 
                      the bbs scene again. You can reach his system via
  Added - Node 171 -  Phaseshift BBS (CAN). Checking in to fsxNet from 
                      Vancouver in BC Canada it's a warm welcome to 
                      Kevin Pausche aka Grud :) Kevin is new to Mystic
                      and is setting up a system running under a Raspberry Pi.
  Added - Node 170 -  Weather Station BBS (USA). This is an additional node 
                      for Mark Hofmann who is running a Mystic BBS as well
                      as his HUB and WWIV systems.
  Added - Node 169 -  Sinners Haven BBS (USA). Weclome to Karl Kunc from
                      Dothan, Alabama in the USA. Karl is running a Mystic
                      BBS system under Windows. His BBS telnet address is
  Changed - Node 129 - SpaceSST BBS (CAN) Luc has advised he is back up
                      His node is no longer marked as 'Down' and he'sadly
                      again connected to fsxNet. Welcome back :)
  Renamed - FSX_ART to FSX_ARTS - ANSI Art - Groups, Individuals etc.
  Renamed - FSX_BBS to FSX_SOFT - BBS Software (Current + Legacy)
  Two of the file bases have been renamed to accomodate a new standardised 
  naming convention I am applying to fsxNet.
  All message echoareas will use a FSX_XXX convention while all file bases
  carried by the NET will use a FSX_XXXX style of tag.
  The thinking here is to make it simple to spot a file base tag from a
  echoarea/ message base tags. I also wanted to pull some current FSX_XXX
  tags off their currently assigned file bases should we end up using them
  for echoareas in the future.
  So - if you are carrying one (or both) of the following file areas can you
  please ammend the EchoTag for each in your BBS setup as follows.
  No files will be hatched to these areas until Saturday 17 September (NZST)
  this gives folks a week (at minimum) to update their tags / settings. 
  Created - FSX_CRY - Cryptographic discussion and experimentation.
                      Public key sharing, encoded messages, testing etc.
                      is welcome here. 
  An area of interest for some members of the NET. This is a place to
  further this type of discussion and experimentation. 
  Created - NEWS.TXT - this is a news file that will carry info about
  changes to fsxNet and is intended for future use as part of another
  project that's underway. Details to come when there is more to share.                   
  Updated - Node 159 - Change of DNS record to bbs.digitalgatehouse.com
  Added - Node 168 - The Egregore BBS (USA). A big hello and welcome to another
                  sysop setting up with Mystic and using Ubuntu Linux.
                  Luke Galutia (Betzelel) is based in Oklhoma City in the
                  USA. He is just working out how to configure his system
                  and get hooked up to this NET. Please make him welcome and
                  dazzle him also with your BBS helpfulness :)
  Added - Node 167 - SilentShard BBS (NZL) Welcome to returning New Zealand
                  SysOp Nick Trevena (ThatGuy). Nick is setting up a
                  Mystic BBS under Ubuntu Linux and is going to show his son
                  how cool this retro hobby can be :) Welcome back to the
                  BBS scene Nick :)
  Two new echoarea have been added to fsxNet. All nodes have been connected to
  them by default but feel free to delink if you don't want this traffic.
  The infopack has been updated with new echoarea details.
  Created - FSX_MYS - Mystic BBS discussions, support and development.
  Created - FSX_BOT - The first choice for non-human roBOT output. 
              May contain BBS and NET ads, stats reports, telemetry reports,
              traces of nuts etc. Set your BOT free in this area :)
  Removed - FSX_NETS - BBS Networks, Infopacks, Nodelists file base.
  Renamed - FSX_NODE - Weekly Nodelists (fsxNet, etc.)
  Renamed - FSX_INFO - Weekly Infopacks (fsxNet, etc.)
  I am starting to cut down and rationalise some of the file areas on the NET.
  Contents posted to this area will be migrated to FSX_INFO and FSX_NODE so that
  both of those file bases carry not just fsxNet infopacks and nodelists but
  also the equivalent files for other NETs. I figure this is a smarter way to
  use the file bases. And I really want to support other NETs.
  The added upside of this is that if you are using Mystic to import nodelists
  for a [MergeNodelists] MUTIL activity then you can start to point all of your
  nodefile=\path\to\nodelist statements to the same file base :)
  Update - Usenet Newsgroups
  I'm experimenting with using net 2 as a means to distribute Usenet
  newsgroups to nodes that want a bi-directional FTN<>NNTP gateway.
  Using 21:2/xxx addresses may be the way to do this. Have addded some new
  nodes to help with testing that will start soon. Still a work in progress.
  Added - Node 110 - Rusty Mailbox BBS
  Added - Node 122 - Necronomicon BBS
  Added - Node 165 - Miskatonic BBS
  Added - Node - 166 - Datanet BBS (AUS) Welcome from Melbourne, Australia to
                      Steve Ellis aka rEApz :) rEApZ is running a Mystic BBS
                      under Debian Linux and is returning to the BBS scene.
                      He was last active in the 90's and is now mucking around
                      (his words) with echomail etc. and having fun.
                      Welcome rEApZ, nice to have you in the NET + bolstering
                      the Australian membership. I think the Aussies have 
                      caught up with the Kiwis now :)
  Changed - Node 129 - SpaceSST BBS (CAN) Luc has advised he has major hardware
                      problems and has no time at present to rebuild his system
                      nor will not invest money in hardware to fix it.
                      So I have marked his system as DOWN for now and made his
                      node inactive. Let's see if he returns or not?
  Revised - file_id.diz
  I am having some issues processing infopack hatching when I include the
  ASCII artwork kindly donated by RiPuk. Until I nail down the niggles I've 
  reverted to the older file_id.diz for ASCII but have included the .ans
  version also should systems choose to use it.
  Added - Node 165 - Miskatonic BBS (ITA). As I write this Italy has just been
                  hit by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake. I was deeply worried for
                  our newest member - Antonio Capone who is the first from 
                  that amazing country to join the NET. I'm glad to report
                  he's OK. Phew. Antonio is based in Grosseto and using a 
                  Mystic BBS system on a Raspberry Pi. He's very keen on 
                  retro stuff and we're very happy to have him as part of the
                  community - welcome :)
  Added - Node 164 - Beyond Systems BBS (SWE). Based in Gavle we welcome
                  Mattias Larsson to fsxNet :) Mattias is running a Mystic
                  BBS powered by Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and is the third node to
                  join that is based in Sweden.
  Added - Node 163 - Dreamland BBS (USA) from North Hollywood it's a warm 
                  welcome to Tony Master aka Dream Master. DM runs DoreNet
                  and is a Mystic BBS user from way back. He's also a MPL
                  programmer who has created a number of cool mods etc.
                  Welcome DM, nice to have you with us - watch out for 
                  the mod requests coming your way :)
  Changed - Node 140 - HappyLand BBS is no more, replaced by Underland BBS 
                      Andrew sadly had a HDD crash and lost his system so
                      this is a new replacement BBS using the same node
  Updated - file_id.diz
  The fsxnet.zip infopack has been updated to include new ANSI and ASCII
  artwork for the file_id.diz description file that ships inside the pack.
  The artwork has been kindly donated by RiPuk of force9 BBS in London and 
  slightly modfifed by Avon since. Thanks RiPuk for the artwork :)           
  Added - Node 162 - Razor's Domain BBS (USA) - He's back.. Hi and welcome to
                  Kevin Nunn who ran many versions of his BBS back in the 
                  90's. Now time poor (like us all ) he's giving Mystic a
                  crack to avoid messing with Allfix  + FastEcho + BinkD etc
                  Welcome back Kevin - feel free to ask lots of questions :)                   
  Added - Node 161 - The Search BBS (USA) - Hello and welcome to Karl Harris
                  who joins the NET with a Mystic system set up and running
                  using a Raspberry Pi. Have fun Karl and thanks for taking
                  the time to join fsxNet :)
  Added - Node 160 - SLiME CiTY BBS (SWE)- Welcome to David Jacoby aka m00p
                  who is running a Mystic system under Windows. David is
                  based in Ahus in Sweden. Great to have you with us
                  m00p :)
  Added - Node 159 - The GateHouse BBS (CAN) - Welcome to John Riley who is 
                  setting up a Mystic system using a Raspberry Pi and is
                  based in Ontario, Canada. Great to have you as part of
                  the NET John - welcome :)
  Added - Node 158 - Starlight BBS (NLD) - Welcome to Lars van Dijk who is
                  setting up a Mystic system running under Linux.
  Added - Node 157 - Shadowscope BBS (USA) - Welcome to Richard Miles from
                  Temple, Georgia, USA. Running a Mystic system and just
                  getting set up in a move from Synchronet. 
  Created - systems.txt
  This is a BBS list that was the brainchild of Solaris of Error404 BBS. It's
  curated by him and updated as time permits. It lists systems that carry fsxNet
  and is based on recent nodelists. You will find this file in the infopack.
  Thanks Solaris                    
  Added - Node 156 - Oxford Mills Remote BBS (CAN) - A warm welcome to
                  Mike/Mick Manning who joins fsxNet from Campbellford
                  in Canada. That's six members based in Canada now.
  Created - FSX_NETS - BBS Networks, Infopacks, Nodelists
                      This file base is to support other BBS Networks and
                      aims to carry their latest infomation packs etc.
                      I wonder who will spot this change first? :)
  Removed - FSX_MYS - The Mystic BBS discussions and support echo area has been
                      retired for now as the author (g00r00) has announced he
                      is taking a break for several months. Rather than have an
                      echoarea with lower levels of traffic we have migrated
                      all posts back in to the FSX_GEN echoarea for now.
  Added - Node 155 - Gerlach BBS (SVK) - Welcome to Dominik Madarasz who is
                  based in Zvolen, Slovakia. It's great to have you as as a
                  member of fsxNet :)
  Added - Node 154 - Stepping Stone BBS (USA) - Greetings to Jon Justvig
                  of Wichita, KS. it's nice to have you with us Jon :)
  Added - Node 153 - Solar Pi BBS (USA) - Welcome aboard to Corey Reichle 
                  who hails from Buffalo, NY USA. Running a Raspberry Pi
                  and just getting in to Mystic BBSing.
  Added - Node 152 - 2nd Choice Core (NZ) - Mystic system run by Sysop Ian
  Created - FSX_MYS - A new echoarea with a focus on Mystic BBS discussions
                      and support.
  Added - Node 151 - Solar BBS (USA) - Welcome to Dave Holtzman :)
  Added - Node 150 - Southend BBS (Denmark) - Welcome to returning sysop
                  Lars Wiberg who is based in the city of Frederikshavn :)
  Created - history.txt
  This is a new file that ships within the fsxNet infopack. This contains a 
  full record of the changelog. Only the most recent 10 changelog records will
  remain within the nodelist to help keep nodelist file size down.
  Created - FSXNET1.ANS
  Added to the infopack. This is ANSI art that can be used to promote fsxNet.
  It's been kindly donated by David Stephens aka RiPuk - thanks 
  Added - Node 149 - reDMud System BBS (USA) - Big hellow and welcome to 
                                              David Snyder :)
  Added - Node 148 - International LiveWire BBS (USA) - Welcome to Allen Prunty
  Added - Node 147 - MPrah BBS (USA) - Welcome to Michael Prah who joins the
                                      NET :)
  Created - File Base - FSX_ART  - ANSI Art - Groups, Individuals etc.
  Added - Node 126 - Twinke BBS (USA) - Christopher is back but as a private
                                      node. Good to see you return Pequito :)
  Added - Node 146 - Saturn’s Orbit BBS (BRA) - Welcome to Flavio Bessa who 
                  is the first node to connect to fsxNet from South America
                  and is based in a city about to host the summer Olympics 
  Added - Node 145 - Mystic Pi BBS (USA) - Welcome Brian Wallace it's great to
                                          have you with us :)
  Created - File Base - FSX_DOOR  - BBS Doors, Games etc.
  Added - Node 144 - Aloryn Avalon BBS (USA) - Welcome to Joshua Cain who is
                                      setting up his first Mystic system :) 
  Added - Node 143 - Bridge BBS (AUS) - Tony Langdon has a new Mystic system
                                      now running fulltime.
  Down  - Node 126 - Twinkle BBS - Christopher is offline for a time but will 
                                  hopefully return when he's able to.                                   
  Added - Node 142 - SmokyThing BBS (USA) - Welcome to Shannon Kuchler :)
  Added - Region 2 - Usenet
  Added - Node 100 - Usenet HUB
  Added - Node 101 - Agency BBS
  I'm experimenting with using region 2 as a means to distribute Usenet
  newsgroups to nodes that want a bi-directional FTN<>NNTP gateway.
  Using 21:2/xxx addresses may be the way to do this. It's a WIP.
  Removed - File Base - FSX_MGKA - Magicka BBS Software, Utils etc.  
  Created - File Base - FSX_BBS  - BBS Software
  MagickaBBS is not under active development, so have removed this file base
  and merged files from FSX_MGKA in to FSX_BBS this base will carry BBS
  software other than Mystic BBS
  Added - Node 141 - Pie33 BBS (NLD) - Welcome to Moises Aranas our first node
                  that is based in the Netherlands :)       
  Added - Node 140 - HappyLand BBS (AUS) - Gidday to Andrew Pamment setting up
                  an Enigma 1/2 BBS
  Added - Node 139 - Satellite of Madness BBS (USA) - Hi to Matthew Blocker
  Added - Node 138 - The Cell Block BBS (CAN) - Gidday to Blair Lovell
  Added - Node 137 - Nitemare Cafe BBS (USA) - Welcome to Rod Barnhart
  Added - Node 136 - force9 BBS (GBR) - Welcome to David Stephens our first
                  node that is based in the UK :)
  Added - Node 134 - Mystic Prison Board (USA) - Welcome to Ruben Figueroa
  Added - Node 135 - Return to The Lair of the Wolverine (USA) welcome to
                  Kevin 'Patch" Taylor
  Added - Node 133 - Parity BBS (Canada) - Welcome to Ian McLaughlin
  Removed - 'Advertisment' housekeeping entry as it's been a non-event
          thus far.
  "* Please limit the frequency of advertising messages for BBS and Othernets
  that you post to FSX_GEN to 2-3 times a month. Members are interested to 
  hear about other BBS and/or Othernets - just not every second day :) "
  >> Further history to be added as time permits <<
  Updated - fsxNet now using Zone 21 due to a clash with another Othernet :)
  Added - Node 102 - Error 404 BBS (USA) - Welcome Todd Zieman
  Added - Node 101 - Agency BBS (NZ)
  Added - Node 100 - fsxNet HUB (NZ) - fsxNet is born using Zone 18
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