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Run Your Own Bulletin Board System

RyoBBS is a 100% Script based BBS developed using the MPL (Modern Pascal Language). The decision to use MPL is based upon the product CodeRunner (a Socket Server that executes MPL scripts upon connection for different ports) was primarily developed for such projects as a TCP/IP based BBS project. Since Modern Pascal is a Turbo Pascal compatible language, RyoBBS can actually be compiled to use FOSSIL communications and thus work over dial-up modems also.

RyoBBS Design

The software has been designed to operate as one piece of code (end to end), however, it has been developed in a modular concept. Where each function of the BBS is stored as a separate include file. This was done by design to help support mods (modifications from third-party developers), which was an extremely popular demographic in the mid to late 90's.

Actual execution is done at a more granular level, storing global variables and record pointers, and chaining from module to module. This allows for NRT (Near-Real-Time) testing of your modifications without having to relogin to the BBS every change. Fatal errors are logged in C:\VAR\LOG\CODERUNNER or /var/log/coderunner (depending upon your operating system).

Folder Structure

Root @ROOT@ /var/BBS/ or C:\RYOBBS\
Server Scripts @ROOT@SERVICES
External Plugins @ROOT@PLUGINS
Main Configs @ROOT@MAIN
Prompt Files @ROOT@PROMPTS
Menu Files @ROOT@MENUS
External Doors @ROOT@DOORS
Node Dropfiles @ROOT@NODE#####
Wiki Files @ROOT@WIKI

Getting Started

To get your RyoBBS up and running you will want to acquire the latest CodeRunner binaries from Modern Pascal. CodeRunner is available for Windows (32bit), Linux (64bit), Mac OSX (32bit), and Raspberry Pi. Once you have installed CodeRunner for your operating system, and have followed the sample README project to respond to a connection and return “Hello World”. Then you are ready to get RyoBBS.

Again, based upon the above Folder structure, please install your BBS into the same ROOT as mentioned above. This will allow the automatic system patch scripts to work for your system (optional). Along with making it easy for us to blindly help support your system if a problem does occur.

RyoBBS comes with a nice cross-platform installer that will ask where do you want to install your BBS (root path), along with the name of your BBS, your name, your email address, along with what port you would like the BBS to accept connections on, and what password would you like to use to access the SETUP screens. The installer will then fetch the latest source for RyoBBS that you are authorized to access and generate the configuration for CodeRunner to accept connections and run RyoBBS. Upon completion, the installer will restart CodeRunner with the new configuration - and display a URL that you can use to access the local Sysop (System Operator) setup screens in your browser. There is a special process you must follow if you wish to access this screen from a remote IP address.

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