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FBDoorDK is a simple door development library written in FreeBasic. It supports Linux and Windows, and DORINFO1.DEF, DOOR.SYS and DOOR32.SYS drop file formats.


DoorKitInit(ByVal dropFile As String) As Integer

Call this function first, and pass it the full path and filename of the drop file, currently this must be a DOOR.SYS or DORINFO1.DEF for Linux or DOOR32.SYS for windows.

DoorKitGetUserAlias() As String

Returns the User's Handle or Alias

DoorKitGetFirstName() As String

Returns the User's First Name

DoorKitGetLastName() As String

Returns the User's Last Name

DoorKitSendFile(ByVal fileName As String) As Integer

Send an ANSI Graphics file. This function is SAUCE aware and will strip any SAUCE tags off.

DoorKitPrint(ByVal s as String) As Integer

Print a string, the following embedded macros are defined:

  • `black` - change the foreground to black
  • `red` - change the foreground to red
  • `green` - change the foreground to green
  • `yellow` - change the foreground to yellow
  • `blue` - change the foreground to blue
  • `magenta` - change the foreground to magenta
  • `cyan` - change the foreground to cyan
  • `white` - change the foreground to white
  • `bright black` - change the foreground to bright black
  • `bright red` - change the foreground to bright red
  • `bright green` - change the foreground to bright green
  • `bright yellow` - change the foreground to bright yellow
  • `bright blue` - change the foreground to bright blue
  • `bright magenta`- change the foreground to bright magenta
  • `bright cyan` - change the foreground to bright cyan
  • `bright white` - change the foreground to bright white

DoorKitPrintLn(ByVal s as String) as Integer

Same as DoorKitPrint but appends a newline sequence.

DoorKitClearScreen() as Integer

Clears the screen (and Homes the cursor)

DoorKitGetLine(ByVal length as Integer) as String

Retrieves a string up to a certain length from the user

DoorKitGetLocation() As String

Returns the user's location

DoorKitGetSysopName() As String

Returns the Sysop's name

DoorKitGetNode() As Integer

Returns the node number

DoorKitGetSecLevel() As Integer

Returns the user's security level

DoorKitGetSecondsLeft() As Integer

Returns the number of seconds left the user had when entering the door.

DoorKitGotoXY(ByVal x as integer, ByVal y as Integer) as Integer

Positions the cursor at x & y coordinates

DoorKitExit() as Integer

Exits the door, does not return


Git Repository

To compile:

  fbc -lib doordk.bas
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