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RBBS-PC, early PCBoard, and early QuickBBS software used this format exclusively. This file is 13 lines long. The name os the dropfile never changed, even if it was used in multi-node environments.

Used by v2.0 and later versions of QuickBBS and RemoteAccess, this allowed slightly more flexibility for up to 36 nodes. Node 1 through 9 would produce DORINFO1.DEF to DORINFO9.DEF, Node 10 produced DORINFO0.DEF, and Nodes 11 to 36 would use alphabetic designation from DORINFOA.DEF to DORINFOZ.DEF. The format is exactly the same as DORINFO1.DEF.

To be defined.


Created by Mike Woltz, the author of Spitfire BBS.

This is a binary dropfile, was created by PCBoard and used also by FeatherNet Pro and others.


An uncommon format, created by 2AM-BBS.


Wilcat! BBS 3.0 and above create this file for addition information not supported by other dropfiles.


This was invented by QuickBBS authors, to provide additional information from the BBS to the external application, and if existed upon existing the external application, the variables would override the existing values in the BBS. Allowing the external application to push changes to the BBS, like additional time left because the user earned it or has withdrew time from a timebank.

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