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fsxNet - [F]un, [S]imple, e[X]perimental Network

fsxNet is a a Bulletin board system (BBS) FTN style network established in late 2015.

Technologies covered by the network include (but are not limited to) BBSing, ANSI art, Amateur (HAM) Radio, Retro / Vintage Computers & Gaming, FTN communications, network protocols & topologies, encryption methods, contemporary computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi), computer coding and more.

The network appeals to computing enthusiasts that enjoy using and experimenting with retro computing technologies.

Technical Configuration fsxNet uses Fido Technology Networking to communicate between connected Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

The network uses Zone 21 and an FTN addressing schema (zone:net/node) e.g. 21:1/101

NETs operating within the network are serviced by HUB systems that in turn feed messages and files to linked nodes. The network uses a star topology with HUB systems passing traffic between NETs. TCP/IP and the BinkP protocol (port 24554) is used to transfer data across the network.

There are over 100 nodes in the fsxNet nodelist spanning all parts of the globe. The network has grown steadily since it's inception.

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