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Commented Chain.txt.

CHAIN.TXT Definition File by MrBill

    Note:  Some of the original information about Mr. Bill and MrBill's
    Abode has been shortened to accommodate the format of these docs.

 1                  User number
 MRBILL             User alias
 Bill               User real name
                    User callsign (HAM radio)
 21                 User age
 M                  User sex
   16097.00         User gold
 05/19/89           User last logon date
 80                 User colums
 25                 User width
 255                User security level (0-255)
 1                  1 if Co-SysOp, 0 if not
 1                  1 if SysOp, 0 if not
 1                  1 if ANSI, 0 if not
 0                  1 if at remote, 0 if local console
    2225.78         User number of seconds left till logoff
 F:\WWIV\GFILES\    System GFILES directory (gen. txt files)
 F:\WWIV\DATA\      System DATA directory
 890519.LOG         System log of the day
 2400               User baud rate
 2                  System com port
 MrBill's Abode     System name
 MrBill             System SysOp
 83680              Time user logged on/# of secs. from midn
 554                User number of seconds on system so far
 5050               User number of uploaded k
 22                 User number of uploads
 42                 User amount of downloaded k
 1                  User number of downloads
 8N1                User parity
 2400               Com port baud rate
 7400               WWIVnet node number
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