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ANSI Art Editors


PabloDraw is an Ansi/Ascii text and RIPscrip vector graphic art editor/viewer with multi-user capabilities. PabloDraw uses the awesome Eto.Forms cross-platform framework to provide native UI for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Homepage http://picoe.ca/products/pablodraw
Compatible Windows, Linux, Mac
Open Source No


SyncDraw is an ANSI drawing program which supports:

  • Support for IBM low and high ASCII including the face graphics (☺ and ☻) and card symbols (♥, ♦, ♣, and ♠) which so many other programs have problems with (may not work in curses mode… depends on the terminal being used).
  • Up to 1000 lines
  • Mouse-driven menus
  • Copy/Paste
  • Can use TheDraw fonts
  • Can save/load ANSI, Avatar, PCBoard, ASCII, Binary, C and Synchronet formats
  • Supports Sauce
  • Line drawing mode
Homepage http://syncdraw.bbsdev.net/
Compatible Windows, Linux, Mac
Open Source Yes


Network-enabled web based ANSi art application.

Homepage http://437.rocks/
Compatible Any Browser
Open Source Yes


ANSI Editor for Linux terminal, compatible with Raspberry Pi. BlockArt, does not support multiple pages or big screens. Its designed for ANSI graphics, for BBSes which normally use 79×24 chars/lines ANSI Screens.

  • Load / Save ANSI and Mystic BBS Ansi Files
  • Also save in Plain Text and Pascal format
  • All available block commands (Move, Copy, Flip, Fill etc.) and more such as draw line, draw circle, draw 3D box.
  • Supports TheDraw Fonts
  • Built in TheDraw Font Gallery to easy choose a font. Also you can choose a font by selecting it everywhere in your disk drive
  • Normal text mode and also Elite mode, like in SyncDraw
  • Draw ASCII lines with the Draw Mode.
  • Font Fxes, like Fade Fx and Capital Fx. You can Color text, as you type
  • Special “Line Menu” for ordinary jobs in a line of text
  • All normal stuff you find in other ANSI Editors
  • Up to 20 Undo Stages
  • Supports Loading / Importing graphics while in Copy Mode
Homepage https://github.com/xqtr/blockart
Compatible Windows, Linux, RPi
Open Source Yes

SixTeen Colors Draw

An online ANSI editor from the creators of SixTeen Colors, ANSI art library/gallery.

Homepage http://draw.sixteencolors.net/try/
Compatible Any Browser
Open Source Yes


TundraDraw is a cross-platform ANSI drawing program written with C++, using the Qt Toolkit. Thus, it runs natively on both X environments and Windows. It features network connectivity to allow artists to draw together over the Internet.

Homepage https://sourceforge.net/projects/tundradraw/
Compatible Windows, Linux
Open Source Yes


Tetradraw is a fully featured ANSI art editor for *nix operating systems by John McCutchan. ANSI art is only made of the ASCII characters with 16 colours. ANSI art is mainly used in text mode interfaces. Tetradraw is the first completly usable ANSI art editor for *nix operating systems. However Tetradraw does not only emulate the ansi editors for DOS. Tetradraw is revolutionary in the way ANSI art can be drawn, for the first time ever two artists can draw together over the internet on the exact same image (MultiDraw). This has been a long awaited feature and should provide a new level of art.

On top of the ground breaking MultiDraw here are some of Tetradraw's features:

  • ANSI art is not limited to a certain amount of lines. Your art can be an unlimited length.
  • Informative status bar.
  • Built in ASCII character table.
  • Built in Chat interface for MultiDraw.
  • A powerful block command. Featuring character and colour replacement and fill. Flipping on the X and Y axes. Tranparent Layer mode.
  • 20 configurable character sets.
  • A powerfull interface.
  • Supports the ANSI, ASCII and BIN file formats.
  • You get complete access to the source code to make any improvments or changes you want.
  • Many configurable options that can be changed from internal options screen.
  • A seperate ANSI viewer: Tetraview.
  • Fully compitable with all DOS based ANSI editors and the linux console.
  • Auto backup of the image you are working on.
  • Built in quick help screen.
Homepage http://tetradraw.sourceforge.net/
Compatible Linux
Open Source Yes


TheDraw is a text editor for DOS to create ANSI and animations as well as ASCII art. The editor is especially useful to create or modify files in ANSI format and text documents, which use the graphical characters of the IBM ASCII code pages, because they are not supported by Microsoft Windows anymore. The first version of the editor was developed in 1986 by Ian E. Davis of TheSoft Programming Services. The last public version of the editor was version 4.63, which was released in October 1993.

TheDraw was one of the first ANSI editors that supported ANSIs longer than 25 rows. The limit in the latest available version is still 100 rows. Other editors, such as ACiDDraw are able to support ANSIs larger than 100 lines for a single ANSI/ASCII (ACiDDraw supports 1,000 lines). The animation mode is limited to 50 lines (rows). The column width can be extended from the standard 80 characters to 160, but this also reduces the row limit down to 50.

Homepage http://www.syaross.org/thedraw/
Compatible DOS
Open Source No

ACiD Draw

ACiDDraw is a utility for manipulating ANSI and ASCII text. The authors of this utility have sought to include the most useful tools for manipulating ANSI and ASCII text that could be conceived. The ideas of some of the most experienced artists in these areas have been implemented in every way possible, to create, what we hope, is the most useful utility of this type to date.

Homepage http://www.acid.org/apps/apps.html
Compatible DOS
Open Source No
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