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Welcome to wiki.bbs.geek.nz

The goal of this Wiki it to support the development of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

It does so by hosting useful resources and information for both BBS developers and users of alike.

It's hoped it will become a useful resource for people interested in the BBS scene, offering helpful information and links that will assist with questions they might have.

The site is a work in progress and content will be added / amended by its contributors as time permits. After all this is a hobby :)

Recent Changes

The Recent Changes link is your friend also to keep up with changes. You may also notice additional links appear in the sidebar depending on which page you are viewing.

Contributors Wanted

If you have feedback and/or would like to contribute to this effort - please email avon [at] bbs.geek.nz to obtain a login.

Our current contributors are:

  • Apam
  • Avon
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