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 ====== Python BBS ====== ====== Python BBS ======
-Welcome ​to the intro page for this Python ​BBS tutorial. Followed by placeholder text.+Have you ever wanted ​to write your own BBS, but not sure how to go about it? This tutorial ​series is for you.
-===== Introduction =====+For these lessons we're using Python 3 as it is cross platform although please note, you will need to kill this script from the Task Manager in Windows. In linux and Mac OS X Ctrl-C will interrupt.
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-==== Lessons ====+  * A basic understanding of programming 
 +  * Python experience is a plus but not really required ​
-  ​* [[tutorials:​python_bbs:​part_one|Part One]]+===== Lessons Overview ===== 
 +The following lessons will help you get a basic Python BBS up and running: 
 +  ​* [[tutorials:​python_bbs:​part_one|Part One]] - Overview of how the BBS will work, and coding a basic TCP server in Python. 
 +  * [[tutorials:​python_bbs:​part_two|Part Two]] - Dealing with IAC codes and reading strings.
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