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Lines are ended with carriage return and linefeed combination. The fields are:

Node name
    The name of the system.
Sysop f.name
    The sysop's name up to the first space.
Sysop l.name
    The sysop's name following the first space.
Com port
    The serial port the modem is connected to, or 0 if logged in on console.
Baud rate
    The current port (DTE) rate.
    The number "0"
User's first name
    The current user's name, up to the first space.
User's last name
    The current user's name, following the first space.
    Where the user lives, or a blank line if unknown. 
Terminal type
    The number "0" if TTY, or "1" if ANSI.
Security level
    The number 5 for problem users, 30 for regular users, 80 for Aides, and 100 for Sysops.
Minutes remaining
    The number of minutes left in the current user's account, limited to 546 to keep from overflowing other software. 
    The number "-1" if using an external serial driver or "0" if using internal serial routines. 


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